No More Model Pics on Facebook

Starting now….You will only see model pics on my web site as I have no desire to post My Models images on Facebook anymore.

Tonight was pretty much the finale straw…. Let me ask you this…. Does this image offend you?? Do you consider it Porn??

The model is future June 2011 Miss June Playboy Centerfold MEI LING LAM…. I am thrilled about getting her into playboy!! She is my very 1st centerfold!!

























For some unknown reason…This image was removed from my Stewart Smith Professional Photographer page on facebook!!

Please go back to my facebook page and tell me your opinion… I will not be offended about anything you say… I honestly want to know what people think….

Make sure to like my page in order for you to comment. Thank you so much!! By the way…. More pics of Mei ling Lam on the way!! Only here!!