My tribute to Victoria’s Secret and Maxim Magazine.

So I am a huge fan of  Victoria’s Secret’s models and their ad campaign… They do it right… Beautiful girls, great locations and of course beautiful lingerie … Oh… I and I can’t forget about the lighting!! That amazing lighting!! So dramatic!! It’s right up my alley!! I am a huge fan of dramatic lighting… When I see a picture in a magazine that’s dramatic.. I try to figure it out and do it.

The series of images you are about to view are all 100% inspired by a Victoria‘s ad I saw.. Obviously I added my own spin to it but thought it came out pretty close to what I was going for.

The location was at the Estate Club in Boston and the Model was Tess Bickford. She did a great job with the poses and expressions and rocked the outfits!! Let me know your thoughts after you’ve had a chance to look the pics over…

This shoot was more like.. Maxim meets Victoria’s Secret.

To all the lovely ladies out there looking at these images and reading this… A shoot like this is always a great gift to give to that significant other of yours or a nice gift to yourself.. A coffee table book or even a calendar would make a nice gift.