Maine Soldier Matt Norton meets his daughter for the first time since being deployed overseas.

Here is what will probably be the most emotional video I will ever make…… It’s a video of a soldier ( Matt Norton ) who was deployed to go over seas last year only to find out his wife ( Canaan Norton ) was pregnant as soon as he got there…… Through the age of technology Matt was able to see his beautiful wife and baby via Skype.

Thank you Canaan for believing in me to make this and for letting me be a part of such a personal and private moment between you and your family,
I will never forget this day.

This video I made is of Matts return after being away for 322 days…..
Thank you Matt, your battalion and anyone and everyone that have served our country!!

Make sure when you watch the video you set the HD setting for the best picture.
I’m not going to say anymore and just let this video speak for itself.

Maine Soldier Matt Norton meets his daughter… by SSPHOTOBOSTON