Stewart Smith Photgraphy 2014 Calendar Special from October 1st until February 1st …..Act now!!

You don’t have to be a model to do this…. This is supposed to be fun!!…. This could be a great gift for that special someone or yourself…. I will be offering a calendar special from October 1st, 2013 until February 1st, 2014.

I’m going to make this short and sweet and just provide you with the details.

What’s included in this session : Professional hair and makeup /  Different location options / Numerous outfit changes / All the low res images from the shoot / I can and will help direct you with your poses / 12 retouched images that will go in your calendar / one calendar ( affordable options if you want more than one ) / Potential submissions to magazines / Potential ways for income and more…………


Please contact me directly by phone for more details ( rates / locations / availability ) at 207-939-6834 anytime between 9am-7pm Monday – Friday. ( Please do not e-mail me for information/rates )

Below you will see an example of what your calendar could look like. Model shown in calendar is ASHLEY ALEXISS … Please visit her FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and TWITTER .


Stewart Smith Photography 2014 Calendar Special

Stewart Smith Photography 2014 Calendar Special
























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Web sites you can find My images and stories of Miss June 2011 Playboy Playmate Mei-Ling Lam.

As many of you know.. I finally have my 1st Playmate MEI-LING LAM in Playboy as not only MY first centerfold but MAINE’S first centerfold as well !! I’ve been submitting models to Playboy which seems like forever.. (since 1995) I made it my goal to get at least one girl in… The crazy thing is.. I submitted another girl not to long ago and Playboy is interested in her as well.. They sent her to LA and shot her and now we are just waiting to hear back from them… 2 Centerfolds in 1 year would be mind blowing!!

Mei-Ling Lam Playboy's Miss June 2011 Centerfold

Mei-Ling Lam Playboy's Miss June 2011 Centerfold





















So Anyways… I was just curious what would happen and what I would find if I googled Mei-Ling Lam.. I was happy to see.. Page after page with her name on it!! Wow!! She’s everywhere!! This is awesome!! One of the best parts about this is that as a team… I shot her and submitted her… Now she is doing her part by promoting me by telling different web sites about how she got in. On that note…Pretty much every interview.. She mentions my  and that web site usually uses my images.. Win-Win for both of us…

I have listed some of the web sites where you can find some of Mei-Lings interviews where she mentions me or sites you will see some of my images.


Mei-LIng Lam on Busted Coverage

Mei-Ling Lam on 92 Moose FM

Mei-Ling Lam in  Portland Press Herald

Mei-Ling Lam in Bangor Daily News

Mei-Ling Lam on

Mei-Ling Lam in Kennebec Journal

Mei-Ling Lam in Clinton Morning Sentinel

I am sure there are alot sites where you can see and read more about Mei-Ling Lam  but just figured I would post a handful of links for you to check out and enjoy.

Of course you can go to Mei-Ling Lam’s official site which isnt up yet but will be soon at