You can now go to the OOB Pier to pick up you 2015 OOB Pier Swimsuit Calendar!!! They are available right at the Pier.

I photographed this years 2015 OOB Pier Swimsuit Calendar.
The ladies that made it into the calendar were involved in a very intense online voting contest….The 12 ladies that received the most amount of votes/likes/comments would get in.

It was a lot of hard work but so worth it!!
Thank you Ashley Wales, Ashley Eve, Ashley Storer, Amberlynn Esperanza, Kera Marie Radcliff, Melissa Albani, Theresa Novicky, Lori Geroulo-White, Jordan Shiers, Stephanie Ann Thereault, Sandee Toppins, Emily Winn and Heather Joy Mowry for all your hard work, professionalism and beauty!! …… I enjoyed watching all the girls support each other through the voting and photo shoots!! They were all wonderful to work with!!


Thank you Vanessa Whitney Thereault of Foxy Faces makeup by Vanessa for all your hard work and taking on this project!! All the girls loved you and the work you did!!!
Thank you KC Collins of The Makeup Diva~ Makeup Artistry by Kimberly Collins for being a part of this project as well…. I’m glad you were able to be involved!!

Mens Fitness Shoot with Stewart Smith Photography

I admire Hard work and dedication.

What better way to document all that hard work than doing a photo shoot!!

Brad Chicoine contacted me as he was preparing to compete for a fitness contest…. He totally changed his lifestyle….. He told me so many great stories!! He also told me after we did our shoot that every time he looks at his photos he gets goosebumps and how much of a cool experience he had!! I love receiving texts and e-mails like that!!! Brad did a great job and it was a pleasure working with him.

Mens fitness photo shoot with Stewart Smith Photography

Mens fitness photo shoot with Stewart Smith Photography



If you’ve been working on taking good care of yourself your whole life or throughout this past winter and want to document it…. please contact me for more information…




Mens fitness photo shoot with Stewart Smith Photography

Mens fitness photo shoot with Stewart Smith Photography


I’m very inspired to start shooting more fitness and start getting my work published in some of the biggest muscle and fitness magazines out there!! Shape Magazine / Muscle and Fitness / Mens Health / Fit Magazine / Fit Yoga / Fit Pregnancy / Womens Health / Self / Health and Fitness and even to New Balance and Reebok

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I will be photographing the 2015 OOB PIER SWIMSUIT CALENDAR!! Want to be in it??

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be photographing the 2015 OOB PIER Swimsuit Calendar !!!

Want to be in the OOB SWIMSUIT CALENDAR ??

Here are the details….Just follow my instructions listed below.

Submissions go from May 9th to May 20th.

Contest/Voting starts May 20th and winners announced June 2nd.

Contest rules to be considered.
1. Go to
2. Click on the message box.
3. Submit a photo of yourself in a swimsuit along with your name, town that you live in and contact info.

They will contact you letting you know if you will be competing along with more details.

12 contestants will be chosen based on the most likes they receive on their pictures that will be posted on the OOB Pier contest page.

It’s hard to believe I photographed the first Pier Calendar more than 10 years ago!!
It was the first calendar I ever photographed!!

If you have any questions…Please e-mail me at


I'm shooting the 2015 OOB PIER SWIMSUIT CALENDAR!! want to be in it??!!

Winter shoot with Native American model Mardi Nider

I love it when the model and I finish strong!!
It was the end of the shoot…..
It was all or nothing……
The snow was flying and we had nothing to lose…. If Mardi Nider’s hair got wet and the makeup started to run…So be it…
The only thing was….It was freezing out today…And this was one of those situations where ya gotta do what ya gotta do….
Mardi traveled all the way from Oklahoma to shoot with Jessica Candage ….. And you only live once!!
I gotta say Mardi is a rock star!!! She jumped out of the car….. And into the snow….. And here is one of the many results!!

Way to go Mardi!!! You killed it and you were a pleasure to work with!!

Great job to Jessica Candage Hair & Makeup Artistry !!

I also need to say…Mardi has some Native American in her which was pretty cool doing this type of shot!! Mardi will also be entering the Maxim Hometown Hottie contest!!!
Good luck Mardi !!

If anyone is interested in doing a shoot ,….. Please contact me for more information at or 207-939-6834


Oklahoma Native American Model Mardi Nider

Oklahoma Native American Model Mardi Nider



Oklahoma Native American Model Mardi Nider

Oklahoma Native American Model Mardi Nider


2014 Mrs. Maine Pageant contestants Head Shots.

I’ve been doing pageant head shots since 1995…….. I always think it’s good to have a nice, clean look and not overly retouched.

Jessica Candage and I worked with 3 Mrs. Maine Pageant contestants Kimberly Jones Regoulinsky, Lori Geroulo-White  and Briana Noles …… All I can say is… I’m glad I’m not judging this pageant!! So many beautiful women with so many great platforms!!

Kimberly Jones Regoulinsky

Kimberly Jones Regoulinsky



























Lori Geroulo-White

Lori Geroulo-White



























Briana Noles

Briana Noles

































If you’re looking for a new head shot….And still look like yourself..
Please contact me at or 207-939-6834.

I’m doing a Hottie Model Search at Guilt Nightclub Boston, Massachusetts Feb. 8th, 2014 !!

I’m totally looking forward to my return to Boston on Feb. 8th since moving back to Maine!! And what a great way to go back!!!

I would like to thank Theodore J. Green of GREEN T ENTERPRISES for throwing me a belated birthday party and Hottie search at Guilt Nightclub which is one of the hottest nightclubs in Boston !!!

As most of you know…..My goal for 2104 was to get at least 20 girls in to this years MAXIM HOMETOWN HOTTIES contest as well as my 3 BUNNY!!…. TJ and his crew are helping me step up my game!!


This will be one of the last times I’ll be giving away gift cards towards a photo shoot….. If you can’t make it and would be interested in entering the HOMETOWN HOTTIE contest or a doing a photo shoot….Please contact me at or 207-939-6834 for more information.

Art Beatz providing the best music!!

I hope to see you there!!
For VIP Tables or guest list…Please contact TJ at 617-784-0644

Model: Ashley Alexiss
hair/Makeup : Jessica Candage




Anyone I shoot with for the Maxim Hometown hotties contest will also be submitted to STEEZ MAGAZINE

Awesome news!!!

I’ll be submitting every model I shoot for this years MAXIM HOMETOWN HOTTIES contest to Steez Magazine as well to be a feature model in their next edition!!
A potential tear sheet!!
They’re a National snowboarding/skatebording lifestyle magazine.

I’ve been working with this publication for the past 2 years and am always happy they feature my work.

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Stewart Smith’s Maxim Hometown Hotties Contest Special Starts today!!

And it all starts today!!!
One of my goals for 2014 is to get 15 girls into this years MAXIM Magazine Hometown Hotties contest!!
The most Hotties  I’ve ever had in one year is 9 so I’m setting the bar high this year!!
Although the submissions begin in February….It’s best to do your shoot sooner than later as the time gets closer…They start picking people out and your chances become less and less the longer you wait…Especially once the contest begins.

I’ll be running my MAXIM SPECIAL throughout the whole month of January!!

The special will include Jessica Candage of Jessica Candage Hair & Makeup Artistry doing your hair/makeup, 4 retouched images to submit and a team of us all voting for you and promoting you!!
You won’t get that anywhere else!!

Model shown here: Krysta McBabe

Make sure to follow Krysta on her fan page : The Official Krysta McBabe Fan Page

Jessica Candage did Krysta’s hair/makeup .

If you’re interested…Please contact me at or 207-939-6834 anytime between 10am-7pm M-F.


Krysta McBabe shoots with Stewart Smith Photography to enter the Maxim Hometown Hotties 2015 contest. Hair/Makeup : Jessica Candage

Krysta McBabe shoots with Stewart Smith Photography to enter the Maxim Hometown Hotties 2015 contest. Hair/Makeup : Jessica Candage


























Krysta McBabe shoots with Stewart Smith Photography to enter the Maxim Hometown Hotties 2015 contest. Hair/Makeup : Jessica Candage

Krysta McBabe shoots with Stewart Smith Photography to enter the Maxim Hometown Hotties 2015 contest. Hair/Makeup : Jessica Candage




Krysta McBabe shoots with Stewart Smith Photography to enter the Maxim Hometown Hotties 2015 contest. Hair/Makeup : Jessica Candage

Krysta McBabe shoots with Stewart Smith Photography to enter the Maxim Hometown Hotties 2015 contest. Hair/Makeup : Jessica Candage

Stewart Smith Photgraphy 2014 Calendar Special from October 1st until February 1st …..Act now!!

You don’t have to be a model to do this…. This is supposed to be fun!!…. This could be a great gift for that special someone or yourself…. I will be offering a calendar special from October 1st, 2013 until February 1st, 2014.

I’m going to make this short and sweet and just provide you with the details.

What’s included in this session : Professional hair and makeup /  Different location options / Numerous outfit changes / All the low res images from the shoot / I can and will help direct you with your poses / 12 retouched images that will go in your calendar / one calendar ( affordable options if you want more than one ) / Potential submissions to magazines / Potential ways for income and more…………


Please contact me directly by phone for more details ( rates / locations / availability ) at 207-939-6834 anytime between 9am-7pm Monday – Friday. ( Please do not e-mail me for information/rates )

Below you will see an example of what your calendar could look like. Model shown in calendar is ASHLEY ALEXISS … Please visit her FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and TWITTER .


Stewart Smith Photography 2014 Calendar Special

Stewart Smith Photography 2014 Calendar Special
























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Stewart Smith Photography moving back to Maine!!

I would like to announce that I am moving back to Maine.

My Maine studio will be located in 605 US route 1 Dunstan Corner, Scarborough, Maine.
I would just like to address a few important topics….

I now have studios in Maine and Massachusetts…. I will be traveling back and forth to conduct business….I will also continue to travel throughout the states with my work. I have laid down solid foundation here in Massachusetts and feel like I now have best of both worlds as I love my Portland and Boston people !!

I will also be continuing to work with my girl Janet Choup from Makeup by Janet Choup !! Never in a million years would I stop working with her just because I am moving!! She has been a solid rock in my career down here in Massachusetts!! I am a loyal person and will only partner up with loyal people when it comes to my career. .. I feel like the sky is the limit !! I would also like to include Angela Ivana in this group of people as well… She is a true professional and has helped me in tight situations which I appreciate and will never forget.

This move for me is on a very personal and professional level… So many reasons for me to write… But they are all wonderful reasons…. The bottom line is … I just want to be happy. Life is to short so you have to make the most of it…. There are certain sacrifices that need to be made… The good need to outweigh the bad… I am proud to say I accomplished the majority of my goals… I have traveled to photograph a beautiful wedding in ITALY ( Ashley Bickford Karger ), I photographed the New England Patriots Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar, I got two Centerfolds in Playboy ( Ciara Price and Mei-Ling Lam ), I was able to shoot fitness models in Florida and get published in a bunch of magazines…… So now… I find it fitting to go back to my roots, my family and amazing friends and enjoy a new chapter in my life….

( one very big personal side note….. I love my sister !! She is my world and means so much to me….. Over all these years we have talked about how awesome it would be to someday work together in some capacity…. She will have her own art studio…. But both will be separated and private…. She will be teaching art… ( more details on the way )

I cannot thank you all enough for your love and support!! You have no idea how much it has meant to me over the years!!

We will also be renting this space out to fellow artists or people that need a place to conduct meetings/gatherings.

Please contact me at 207-939-6834 or e-mail me at for more information or for bookings.


Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!