Stewart Smith Photgraphy 2014 Calendar Special from October 1st until February 1st …..Act now!!

You don’t have to be a model to do this…. This is supposed to be fun!!…. This could be a great gift for that special someone or yourself…. I will be offering a calendar special from October 1st, 2013 until February 1st, 2014.

I’m going to make this short and sweet and just provide you with the details.

What’s included in this session : Professional hair and makeup /  Different location options / Numerous outfit changes / All the low res images from the shoot / I can and will help direct you with your poses / 12 retouched images that will go in your calendar / one calendar ( affordable options if you want more than one ) / Potential submissions to magazines / Potential ways for income and more…………


Please contact me directly by phone for more details ( rates / locations / availability ) at 207-939-6834 anytime between 9am-7pm Monday – Friday. ( Please do not e-mail me for information/rates )

Below you will see an example of what your calendar could look like. Model shown in calendar is ASHLEY ALEXISS … Please visit her FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and TWITTER .


Stewart Smith Photography 2014 Calendar Special

Stewart Smith Photography 2014 Calendar Special
























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I’m putting on the 2nd annual Runway to the Roses Event…May 4th, 2013!!

I have teamed up with the Portland Regency Hotel in Portland,Maine along with a group of amazing people to put on the 2nd annual RUNWAY TO THE ROSES event which benefits the Center for Grieving Children.

Here is the information:

Stewart Smith Photography is teaming up with the Portland Regency, the Center for Grieving Children and many others for the 2nd annual “ Runway to the Roses” event you won’t want to miss!

Where: Portland Regency Hotel

Location: 20 Milk Street Portland, Maine

Start time: 4 p.m. where you can browse and bid at our silent auction and enjoy hor d’oeuvres and drinks at the cash bar.

The fashion show begins at 5 pm and we will be breaking to watch the derby live at 6:24 pm on the dot!

This Charity Fashion Event will benefit the Center for Grieving Children.
The event is Kentucky Derby themed, so don’t forget to wear your favorite hat!
We will be showcasing local designers and retailers as they come together for a night of music and fashion.

Runway to the Roses Benefit

Runway to the Roses Benefit

X-FACTOR TOP 15 contestant JENNEL GARCIA will be singing a handful of songs and sure to bring the house down!!

Girls pop sensation Girls Nite Out
( ) will be performing and making their Maine debut will be the boy band KIK-IT
( )
After the show… There will be a meet and greet where Both bands will be available for pictures and autographs.

Boston Based Fashions designer Bless by Bless
( ) will be headlining the fashion show along with many other talented designers.

Erika Lynn Smith and Maureen Emerson will also be showing off some of their designs.

Primp Salon will be doing hair and makeup as well as Janet Choup.

Erin Ovalle will be our lovely hostess through out the event.

Daryl Adams of Daryl Adams Photography will be the house photographer taking red carpet pics as well as candids through out the evening.

Joe Carpine from Digital Video Magic will be shooting video.

Pat Hussey aka/DJ HUZZ will be our house dj and sound man.

Beginning at 10pm There will be an after party hosted by Spread ( ) in Portlands Old Port…
Location : 100 Commercial Street Portland, Maine

Get your tickets today!
Corporate Table- VIP table for 5- $250
Single Seated Tickets: please note that you will be assigned a seat- $35
Single Standing Tickets: $25

For more information please contact Denise Ross at:
207-221-5901 or e-mail or Lianna Doane at 207-775-5216 or at

We would also like to acknowledge the following people that will be helping make this event the best it can be.

Want to see the pics from the Dancing For Hope event featuring Jordan Knight??

I had a great time photographing this years Dancing For Hope Event which took place on Feb 4th at The Estate in Boston to benefit St. Mary’s Center for Women & Children. It was a sold out show and NKOTB Jordan Knight didn’t disappoint his fans by having conversations with them, taking pics with them and putting on an amazing performance!!… He totally brought the house down !! I must also say… After spending the evening with him… I can see he truly cares about his fans and is a class act!! So rare to see these days!!


Dancing for Life 2012 Featuring New Kids On The Block " JORDAN KNIGHT"

Dancing for Life 2012 Featuring New Kids On The Block " JORDAN KNIGHT"


Dancing for Life 2012 Featuring New Kids On The Block " JORDAN KNIGHT"

Dancing for Life 2012 Featuring New Kids On The Block " JORDAN KNIGHT"



























If you were at this event and would like to see the images that were taken… Please go to my OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE and like it… You will then be able to go to then be able to look at the albums of images… Feel free to tag yourself in them….


Thank you and Enjoy!!


Stewart Smith Photography would Like to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!!

I would just like to wish everyone a very safe , healthy and Happy New Year!!

I hope 2012 will be Good to you!!

I would like to thank all the models, hair stylists, make up artists, clothing designers, stylists, magazine publishers for working with me over the years!! 2011 Was a great year!! Thank you for all the business you gave me. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown me as well.

Bring on 2012!!!

Congratulations to Minji Cho for being my 2nd featured model !!

I would just like to Congratulate Minji Cho for being my 2nd featured model on my site…

Being a featured model on my site means Minji will be receiving that extra attention and exposure. This blog/post will be sent to over 20 web sites. Hopefully getting her work or recognition.

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography


























Minji’s a great model…. She is so easy to work with… The camera just loves her!! Not only is she a beautiful girl but.. She has a fun side as well… I quickly found out she’s not the most serious person on the planet… I often do test shots to make sure my lighting and exposure is right on… Minji decided to have some fun with it as you can see with the 2 pics I included below… You can see.. She can be serious and pretty as well as a little crazy and fun to work with…. Which I love… It’s  a great day when both myself and model can play a little and have some fun!!

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography















Name: Minji-Cho

Occupation: Student at Boston University
Goals: I would like to leave my mark in the history for my work(modeling and business that I will run one day), and I wish my work contributes to not only myself but also others.

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography


























Tattoos/ Piercings? ……… Ears pierced
Talents/Skills: ………

1. I express my feelings by dancing(i.e. I chicken-dance when I’m excited)

2. Fluent in Korean

3. economics/ business

Types of modeling I’m interested in: High end glamour, beauty

Web sites you can find me on:

1.  Minjis Facebook Page (my fan page is coming soon!)

2. Prestige Communications of Boston

3. Rx Strength Training by Jeff Butterworth

4. Minjis Model Mayhem Page

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography


























Magazines I would love to have my images in:    MAXIM, sports illustrated swimsuit, GQ, SHAPE, SELF, Women’s health, and all other magazines for cosmetic/beauty sections

Something about me most people don’t know:   I’m prettier inside.

My idea of a good time:   If I could be in 85 or higher weather, I become the happiest person ever! 

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography


























What it was like working with Stewart Smith Photography? …….. Working with Stewart is absolutely different from working with others. He makes sure to bring out the best of the best from me, and I can tell that He is DEDICATED to what he does

Did working with Stewart help you in any way? If so…How?
Yes! Definitely! As the shoot goes on, you learn and learn about things you have not known until you meet Stewart. He helps you find your strength; how to pose to bring the best of you; and what you need to know as a model. His photo shoot is a great lecture!

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography


























General Info/Promote yourself how ever you want right here:
I’m a student at BU who has a lot of dreams, and one of them is to enter Maxim. I will be running for Maxim Hometown hotties 2012 so please stay tuned, and I really wish to win! I’m confident and humble at the same time, and am a hard worker! I would like to see myself going top of the top! I appreciate for everyone who has been there and who will be there:-)

Best way to contact me:  OR   OR you could Facebook me!

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography

Minji-Cho Featured Model by Stewart Smith Photography

And last but not least…. Minji-Cho gives Stewart Smith Photography a shout out!!!

November 5th… Mark this date down on your calendar if you like roller skating and kicking Cancers butt!!


Event Date: Saturday, November 5, 2011

Event Time(s): 4-6 & 7-12pm

Event Location: The Roller Palace, 130 Sohier Road, Beverly, MA 01915

Day Event Ticket Cost: $12 Kids under 18, and $15.00 Adults 18+

Evening Ticket Cost: $25 – 18+ Only

Contact Info: Lisa Glover  (978)-578-7628

e-mail  –


Rolling For Life

Rolling For Life


















Tickets are now on sale at the City Side Diner at 275 Cabot Street in Beverly, MA!! Enjoy roller skating, live musical acts AHMIRLiana Veda, Girls Nite Out, and Nicholas Tetreault, silent auction, complimentary Hors D’Oeuvres and refreshments, Beer and Wine Cash Bar, and much more!!

100% of the net proceeds will benefit American Cancer Society. Visit the Rolling for Life website for more information and to purchase your tickets (tickets will either be mailed to you or held at the door – your preference). See you there!!










Girls Nite Out

Girls Nite Out





Liana veda hi res descontrol

Liana veda hi res descontrol


Nicholas Tetreault

Nicholas Tetreault

Make sure to watch Miss Massachusetts 2011 USA ( Alida D’Angona ) compete for the title MISS USA 2011 6/19/2011

Make sure to watch Miss Massachusetts USA 2011 Alida D’Angona compete in this years National Pageant that will take place  in Las Vegas, NV at Planet Hollywood on June 19, 2011. I did Alida’s official head shots & am wishing her the very best!!


Atlantic Recording artist Ricky Blaze gives Stewart Smith Photography a shout out!!

I had a great exclusive shoot with Atlantic recording artist  Ricky Blaze a few months ago after a show he did in Worcester which was put on by Jimmy Kang of Str8upentertainment.

We shot some content for his web site and promo ad campaign.

After the shoot Ricky gave me this nice shout out:

Make sure to stop by Ricky’s web site and tell him I sent ya!!

My Guest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show 2010

I went out to California back in 2010 to photograph a wedding. While I was out there… I was able to spend a week with one of my best friend Jason Carrier at his place… He asked me if there was anything I wanted to do while I was out there… I immediately said..  “I want to go to the Jimmy Kimmel Show“!!  Jason being the awesome guy that he is.. Got us tickets to the show…. On our way there..We got stuck in traffic… I was freaking out because we only had 10 minutes before the show started and we still needed to park the car… Jason let me out and I ran up to the building where the Jimmy Kimmel show took place… The doorman said..If you buddy isn’t here in a minute… You guys can’t come in or..I could go and Jason would not be allowed in.. Jason was just across the street… Traffic was crazy and he couldn’t cross.. The door man said.. Come on.. You are either in our out… Jason made it just in the nick of time… They immediately ushered us to our seats… The music was playing and the show was just literally starting.. Jason and I had to sit apart since we were so late… They sat us way up in the back.. I could barely see… Then out of the blue.. Somebody in the audience got up and left and the usher told me to sit where that person was… It was a great seat… I was about 10 sections away from the stairs…

Suddenly Jimmy Kimmel comes out of nowhere and introduces himself to us.. He says we need to be loud yet respectful… He goes away and a warm up comedian comes out to warm us up with some jokes and tells us what we need to do throughout the show… Clap and be loud when a guest comes out and stuff like that.. He leaves and Jimmy comes back out..

This is where he real fun starts…. Jimmy says… “I am going to be doing a skit and need a member of our studio audience … Please raise your hand if you want to be a part of this skit”…. Fo some reason..I just raised my hand…. He looked right at me and asked me my name.. ‘STEW” I yelled back… “Where ya from Stew?” Jimmy replied… “Boston,Mass”!! I yelled back… ( now…. I just need to say this… I lived in Rumford, Maine up until the age of 22… Then I lived in Providence for 3 years, moved to Portland, Maine from 1994 to 2009… I just moved to Beverly, Mass and found myself on the show… I know the chances of me living in Maine again are very slim and know everyone can identify with boston,Mass so that is why I said that is where I live… I have always loved Boston and call Boston my home! ( Although truth be told..I do live in Beverly…)

“Come on up Stew!!” Jimmy said… So I get up out of my chair and go to the stage and stand by jimmy… It was very surreal!! Crazy!! I think I was going in and out of some black out phase… No joke!! He starts talking with me.. my responses made the crowd and him laugh… That is all I remember… I remember thinking to myself.. “Oh my God!!… I’m making Jimmy Kimmel Laugh as well as everyone else”!! It was crazy!! Jimmy then tells me I need to go Back stage and the people will tell me what I need to do… I remember seeing Jimmys Uncle Frank and Guillermo and shaking hands with them.. As I get back stage… I have the people showing me what i need to do and showing me my lines… I remember I started freaking out a little as I knew there was no way i would remember all those lines.. I was starting to panic a little.. As I was watching this video they made.. One lady put a pen in my hand and started having me sign paper work… It was all a blur from there… Next thing I know.. I’m back on the stage with Jimmy… We banter for a minute and asks me if I have any idea what is about to happen… I knew what was going to happen but I ended up saying… “I have no clue”… If you listen to me on the video..That is total panic in my voice!!

I run back stage.. 4 people start dressing me and putting a mic up my shirt… I hear my line and start knocking on the door…. No mind you..I have no idea what I look like and have pretty much forgotten everything these people have told me back stage…. Everything was just really blurry… Something took over me and I just went for it…. I remember being so thankful they had cue cards for me… We go through the skit.. There is one point Jimmy grabs the box from me.. I hold it and don’t let him open it..That was my part..You can then see me ope the box and jimmy grabs the phone out of it… The skit ends with me telling him we should go play hacky sack in the quad… I did not make that up.. It was part of the skit but so many people have asked me if i improvised that part… I am like..Are you kiding me/??!! lol

By far… This experience was one of the funniest and greatest moments of my life.. Right up there in my top 10!! It was cool because a few days later.. Somebody called me from the show and asked me if i wanted to go hang out in the green room during a taping… Unfortunately it was the same day I came back home.