About Stewart Smith

Stewart Smith Photographer Boston MaineBefore you begin to read my bio I would like you all to know that I have moved from Portland, Maine to Beverly, Massachusetts on September 1st of 2009. My studio is located in Boston. I often travel up to Maine so if you would like to book a shoot up there..That is not a problem. I actually travel across the country with my work so nothing is out of the question as far as travel is concerned.


Stewart Smiths Bio:

1978: I have always had a passion for photography.. I don’t know how many of you remember back in the day of old comic books there was a page where if you sold seeds or other things. You could pick out prizes in return.Well.That’s what I did. I sent out a letter with my name and address on it requesting this company to send me a box of seeds that I would have to go sell door to door..Lucky for me.. My mother was a secretary and she would bring them to work and sell them to the people in her office.Once all my seeds were sold ..I sent that company an envelope with a money order in it and could not wait for my little Kodak 110 camera to come back..I think I was like 8 years old when I did this.. I wish I knew where that little 110 camera was today because that is where it all started.

1980: There was always a camera around. My sister who is 7 years older than me was her high school yearbook photographer and she always let me use the camera when she would bring it home with her. I loved getting the pictures developed that I would take of my childhood friends and we would just laugh at them.I knew there was something to photography when all I had to do was take a picture, hold it up to them and they would laugh or smile with out me even having to say a word. As a youngster I thought that was powerful stuff.

1982: My sister came home one day from college. My parents were bringing me to a Red Sox game.I begged my sister if I could use her camera and she let me bring it to Fenway . I remember going through the gate anxious to get close to the field to take pictures of the players. I remember the players were signing autographs and I looked at this photographer that was on the field taking pics of the guys and the crowd.I remember thinking to myself.. How cool would that be?? Well anyways..That same year when the yearbook came out.There is a page of Rich Gedman. He was one of the catchers for the Sox at the time. Well..In the back ground with a dutch boy hair cut and red puffy cheeks is me!!! With my sisters rainbow colored camera strap around my neck. ( it was rainbow colored because at the time..Mork and Mindy was in it’s prime hence Mork’s rainbow colored suspenders )

1985: I bought my very own first SLR camera.It was a Pentax P3 and I bought it at the Service Merchandise at the Lewiston Plaza with my tax return money.

1986: I joined my high school yearbook staff and became a contributing photographer.

1987: I photographed my whole entire high school yearbook for the most part. I shot all our sports, school plays, Chorus concerts and a ton of candids.

1988: I go to CMTC in Auburn, Maine for graphic arts on the advice of my guidance counselor and quit because it just wasn’t for me.I knew I wanted to be a photographer and not a graphic artist.I did however shoot for the yearbook.

1989-1992: I work construction, carpentry, convenience stores and landscaping to save money to go to Photography School after getting accepted but not able to afford to go.. I never want to dig a ditch or work a mill shutdown again in my life!! The same goes for flippin burgers and working at a big apple.On that note.Don’t give these kids a hard time when you go to a fast food place.. It’s harder than you think.

1992: I get accepted to Rhode Island School of Photography for the second time and can go now because I qualify for financial aid and I saved some money over the past year. I am going to make the best of it!!

1994: I graduate in the top ten of my class from the Rhode Island School Of Photography where I studied portraiture, Commercial and photojournalism.

1995: I become the official team photographer for the Portland Sea Dogs ( AA Minor League Baseball Team for the Boston Red Sox ) and the Portland Pirates ( Minor League Hockey team for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks ) I also get my first Major league baseball cards published.. The two players were Vladimir Guerrero and Livan Hernandez. I also get my first international image published in the USA Today of Portland Pirates Goalie Jim Carey.

1996: I get my own studio on Forest Ave. in Portland,Maine.

1997 -2009: I get my work published in numerous magazines such as , FHM, Maxim, 2Wheel Tuner, Muscle & Fitness, Mens Health, Shape, Muscle Fitness Hers, YM, Baseball America, USA Today, Port City Life, Down East, Portland Style, Denver Nuggests/New York Knicks Super Star Carmello Anthony’s “Mello Media” cell phone ad campaign, and Readers Digest.

2010- 2012: I move my business to Boston, Ma…. I have always loved Boston!!! My studio is located on 1946 Washington Street….

After years of submitting models to Playboy…I finally get my first Playmate!! Her name is Mei Ling Lam…. Not only was she my first Playmate..She was the first ever Playmate to come out of Maine!!! Mei-Ling was Miss June 2011!!……Then… Lightning struck twice!!! I submitted another model CIARA PRICE to Playboy and she was Miss November 2011!! My Second Playmate!!! She was also the cover model for that month!!!…… Then…I submitted another model whose name is Kory-Lyn…. Although she didn’t make Playmate…I did get her and my work into 8 Playboy Special Editions!!!! So getting 2 centerfolds and one Special Edition model wasn’t to bad!!! ¬†Since moving to Boston… I have worked with some great music artists such as AHMIR, LIANA VEDA, GIRLS NITE OUT, WU TANG CLAN and KIK-IT…… I have been the house photographer for many prestigious events… I’ve worked with numerous models and photographed a few look books for clothing designers.

What does 2013 have in store for me??? Only time will tell !!